Photography can be a lonely medium, both in its making and in the way, pictorially, that it expresses the distance between people, especially between the photographer and subject. "A medium of separation", Alec Soth called it. At the same time, instantaneous and communicative, it is also an excellent tool of social connection.
I look for beauty in ordinary subject matters and vibrant displays of colour in everyday locations. There can be a great deal of complexity in these mundane scenes. Within these images there is often a sense of lurking danger, and a story that wants to be told but will never be heard. My intention is to draw you into a world that one would normally simply pass on by without a second thought. The familiarity of these subjects can be deceptive and sometimes take on a uniquely beautiful and compelling significance. I'm not sure why I'm drawn to these largely forgotten, sad and lonely places, but I feel comfortable with them.


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